Last updateFri, 23 Jan 2015 11am

Bids being sought for CMS cafeteria roof repairs

An ongoing concern for years, due to its age and flat-roof design, part of the Cuba Middle School cafeteria roof will be recoated this summer in an effort to prevent future water leaks. The Cuba School Board authorized the school superintendent to seek bids for the roof project, with a decision on the contractor to be made at an upcoming board meeting.

Superintendent Johnny Thompson said the cafeteria’s flat roof is something he and the board are concerned about because of the way it was designed. That area of the building has had leaks in the past requiring repairs, but he indicated that the roof is not currently leaking.
“That roof is not under any type of warranty,” Thompson told the Cuba Free Press. “It doesn’t leak at the current time, but if it were to form a leak or if there are any future problems, we would have to make the repairs at our cost—and that could be very expensive to the district.”
Thompson said he presented the board with the option of recoating the roof now, which would put it under warranty protection, or holding off on the roof repairs and waiting until a real problem presents itself. “The board agreed to recoat it now and be proactive about the situation, rather than wait until there’s an issue and deal with it then,” said Thompson. “I believe that’s the smart choice, because we want to have that roof under warranty. We’ve had problems there before, so we know there’s a potential for that to happen.”
The superintendent will be seeking bids from commercial roofers on applying a protective coating that will seal the roof from weather damage. Thompson will present the bids to the full board at a meeting this spring. He said funds for the project have been budgeted already, but the work is not likely to take place until after summer school is over and the buildings are all vacated for the summer break.