Last updateWed, 28 Jan 2015 2pm

BMS track teams do well in Vienna

    Bourbon Middle School track season got under way when the Warhawks traveled to Vienna last Thursday.

    The boys were led by Kyle Wilkenson, who finished first in the 100 meters, and Tyler Valley, who finished first in the 800. Tyler Valley, Dakota Lawrence, Eli Sheffel and Jerrod Nolie also finished first the 4x800.
    Chris Fritz finished sixth in the 100. In the 200, Lane Licklider finished second and Brandon Siess finished fourth. Jerrod Nolie finished fourth in the 400 meter. Dakota Studdard finished sixth and Garret Joslin finished eighth in the 1200. Dakota Lawrence finished third and Tyler Brust finished sixth in the 75 hurdles.
    Chance Fields, Chris Tackett, Kyle Rodriguez and Chris Fritz finished fourth in the 4x100. Kyle Wilkenson, Dakota Lawrence, Adam Walker and Jerrod Nolie finished third in the 4x400. Kyle Wilkenson finished second and Brandon Siess finished fifth in shot put. Tyler Valley and Eli Sheffel tied for second and Adam Walker finished sixth in the high jump. Kyle Wilkenson finished eighth in the Long Jump.
    For the girls, Callie Shelton finished third and Dani Baily finished seventh in the 400 meter. Hannah Mauer finished seventh in the 800 meter. Dani Baily finished seventh in the 1200 meter.
    Mackenzie Courtoise, Sierra Jones, Abby Cornman and Sam Witt finished eighth in the 4x100. Hannah Mauer, Elleni Kardashian, Jenny O'neil and Felicity Henderson finished seventh in the 4x200. Sam Witt, Carly Summers, Dani Baily and Callie Shelton finished fifth in the 4x400. Kaitlyn Nowack finished fifth in discus.