Last updateThu, 29 Jan 2015 3pm

Mullally returns to continue her work with unwanted animals

After an eight year hiatus from her work with Shelter Pals, Missy Mullally is once more working for what she calls “pets without people,” as she refers to un-homed dogs and cats that find their way to Cuba’s Animal Control Facility. The city owned Cuba, MO Animal Control facility is under the management of the Cuba Police Department and Police Chief Paul Crow. 


Because of her work with Animal Control Officers Pam Click and Ronni Lawrence, the cooperation of Chief Crow and the City of Cuba, Mullally is prepared to come full circle and help the Animal Control Facility aid Cuba’s misplaced pets find homes after their stay in a much improved facility.

Mullally’s work with Cuba Animal Control is a two-pronged effort. Under the sponsorship of the Crawford County Foundation and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks, she has founded a non-profit organization, Partners for the Cuba Pound, whose mission is “Providing hope when help is needed.”  The new organization will allow individuals, organization, and businesses to make deductible donations that will be used for Cuba Animal Control improvements beyond what is covered in the City’s Animal Control Budget. Checks can be made to Partners for the Cuba Pound under the Community Foundation of the Ozarks and the donators will receive a receipt from the Foundation. The foundation takes care of paying vendors for invoiced services. People will still be able to provide donated items to the pound, and there will be a receipt system set up for that as well. One hundred percent of the donations will be used for the animals, and there are no administrative costs. 

In addition to the new non-profit Partners for the Cuba Pound organization, Mullally has been hired by the City of Cuba as Administrator of the Cuba, MO Animal Control facility.  Although Mullally has been in the position less than a month, she has already been instrumental in reorganizing the facility’s filing and adoption paperwork, met with the state inspector during a recent facility inspection, implemented a shot/vaccination program for the animals, promoted donations to the pound, and met with city officials concerning facility improvements such as outdoor runs. Mullally has also implemented other facility improvements such as internet and phone service that will improve communication with the public and promote adoptions.

Mullally’s new administration role is very hands on. “In a day at the pound, I may do the paperwork for adopting out a dog or cat, give shots, consult with the vet or a foster home about a dog or cat, or meet with Chief Crow about procedures and the facility,” stated Mullally. She communicates with the Animal Control Officers every day. Mullally is working with the existing Shelter Pals Board to administer the spay/neuter certificates that Shelter Pals underwrites for animals that are adopted from the pound. Mullally plans on working on educational programs that will also include spay/neuter education to help prevent pet overpopulation that stresses the Animal Control facility and staff. 

Mullally has also implemented a partnership with the Kuranda Dog Bed site for their donation program.  “People can go to and find our shelter to donate a dog bed or cat bed.” There has also been an account set up with where people can go on line to purchase animal care items and they will be sent directly to the Cuba Animal Control facility. We are also working toward purchasing a much needed animal scale so we can weigh our dogs and cats and know the proper dosages to give them.”

Mullally and others are also organizing a volunteer program to walk dogs, help with cleaning, answer phones, and do other tasks that will give the two part-time Animal Control Officers Pam Click and Ronni Lawrence more time with the cats and dogs in their care to promote adoption of the animals, through Adoption Open Houses and maintaining an active Facebook page that features the dogs and cats that enter Cuba Animal Control. Adoption is the key to keeping the facility as close as possible to being no-kill. In the last year, only the very sick or injured have been euthanized. Several of the animals have received vet care prior to adoption. 

“We are a small facility, but we can be the best animal shelter in our area.  My goal is to have a functional, healthy facility for the animals and the staff.  We want to make our small animal shelter something that our community can embrace and be proud of and where everyone benefits”.  

Mullally is excited to be back working for Cuba’s Animals. “There are such great pets that come to the facility with no homes. They are so loving and sweet and offer such loyalty. Taking care of them, supporting the caring staff, and offering people a healthy, cared for pet for adoption into their homes, is what it’s all about at the end of the day.”

The Cuba Animal Control Facility is located at 224 Enterprise Drive in the S. 19 Industrial Park.  The number for adoption info, volunteer information, and donation inquiries is 573-885-0339. For all animal control issues call the Police Department at 573-885-7979 (after hours 573-775-4911). You can message Animal Control through their Facebook page at The facility’s email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.')">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..