Last updateThu, 29 Jan 2015 3pm

CCSD warns of phone scam

    A phone scam using the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department name has been reported this week. Major Janet Young said that phone calls are being made where a person claims to be from the sheriff’s department, and offers to drop charges against the person for bad debts owed if they will make a payment over the phone with a check or credit card. Young stated the sheriff’s department would never call with such a statement, so any such call is suspect.

    The calls are similar to those legitimately made by collection agencies who may call a person and tell them they will go to jail if they don’t pay their debts. But Young said that those who receive such calls should ask what the name of the collection company is, what company they are collecting for, and ask for a phone number to call back to verify it is a real agency with genuine debts to be collected.
    “The sheriffs department will never call and ask for money,” Young emphasized. “Please contact the sheriff’s department if you receive a phone call like this. If you can record the phone number it came from, that would be helpful for an investigation.”