Last updateFri, 23 Jan 2015 11am

Sheriff's department issues scam warning

    The Phelps County Sheriff’s Department is investigating various scams in the area and has issued a warning to be vigilant when receiving telephone calls from unknown people.

    The sheriff’s department has recently taken a report of a telephone scam involving a suspect calling a victim and claiming to have a family member under arrest and then demands money for bail. In the most recent case, the victim received multiple calls from the scammer, requesting they purchase gift cards and send money. 
    Another popular scam involves a suspect calling a victim and claiming the victim has won a large amount of money or other prize. The scammer then tells the victim that all they have to do is pay a tax or handling fee to receive the prize. Most of these scams involve an attempt to get the victim to wire transfer money to the scammer using a service such at Western Union. 
    The Phelps County Sheriff’s advises Phelps County residents to be wary of phone calls soliciting any type of personal information or the transfer of any monies either by credit card or wire transfer. These are well-known scams and anyone receiving a call should not give any information to the caller, hang up the phone and call your local law enforcement agency.
Over the next several weeks, the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department will be sharing some links (provided by the FBI) to educate the public regarding the various scams and reporting procedures.