Last updateTue, 27 Jan 2015 4pm

Travel Safety Reminders from the Steelville Fire Protection District

    With summer approaching, travel increases so there are more cars on the roadways. Vehicle accidents double in the summer time due to crowded roads and high-speed motorists. Slow down, buckle up, and enjoy your travels!

    Warm weather also means an increase in motorcycles on the road, so drivers need to be aware and check your blind spots for these smaller vehicles.
    Drivers also should be aware of proper protocol in reference to first responders in action along the roadways. If you see emergency lights—either approaching, or in a stationary position—slow down and move over away from the emergency vehicle. It is not safe to maintain speed and stay in the same lane because the first responders may need to make a quick move to avoid a dangerous situation.
    If you are in that space, it puts both of you in danger. If you see a stationary emergency vehicle, be aware of what you may not see—responders may be working in the area and vulnerable.
    Remember that dialing 911 or *55 will put you in contact with an emergency dispatcher that can assist you with troubles on the highway.
    The SFPD responded to the following calls between May 13 and 19:
    • May 13—Assisted with traffic control.
    • May 16—Assisted EMS with a landing zone set up.
    • May 17—Assisted a resident on Heritage Drive with ensuring a controlled burn didn’t get out of hand.