Last updateTue, 25 Nov 2014 11am

State and Regional News

Missouri's education goals under review and subject to change

JEFFERSON CITY - Groups assigned to review and rewrite Missouri's learning standards begin their work just days after Missouri’s Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro announced her retirement.

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Local law enforcement will not be reimbursed from the state

JEFFERSON CITY - Local law enforcement will not receive reimbursement from the state for having resources in Ferguson since Aug. 9.

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Gov. Nixon creates Office of Community Engagement

JEFFERSON CITY - Just weeks following the chaos in Ferguson, Gov. Nixon signed an executive order creating a new office to deal with issues concerning low-income and minority communities found all across the state.

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Review of Missouri Lottery operations identifies areas for improvement, Gov. Nixon says

• Gov. Nixon makes four appointments to State Lottery Commission
JEFFERSON CITY – Gov. Jay Nixon said today that a review of the Missouri Lottery’s operations has identified several areas for improvement and announced the appointment of four new members to the State Lottery Commission. In July, citing a decrease in the percent of lottery revenues going to education while lottery ticket sales continued to grow, the Governor ordered the Office of Administration to conduct a review of the Missouri Lottery’s operations.

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A House investigation looks at training methods of water and highway patrols

JEFFERSON CITY - A new review committee will investigate the 2011 merger of the state's Water Patrol Division and State Highway Patrol.

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