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Four days on the Current River

    Every outdoorsman has a bucket list of adventures they want to enjoy in their lifetimes. I have such a list and recently struck one destination from it—the Current River.

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Corn, cameras and trophy deer

    I am feeding corn to wildlife on my place, and have one of those trail-cam things tied to a tree trying to get photos of what comes there. So far it has been only small deer and big fat raccoons. I have put up a sign there that reads, “This corn has been put here for squirrels and birds and other small creatures that have a hard time in the winter. It is ABSOLUTELY NOT to be eaten by deer. Any deer caught eating this corn WILL BE SHOT ON SIGHT.” That should clear me in the eyes of any passing game wardens, who I am sure will understand better, what I am trying to do.

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Young hunters check 18,091 deer during Missouri early youth hunt

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) announced that young hunters ages 6 through 15 checked 18,091 deer during Missouri's early youth portion of deer hunting seasons on Nov. 1 and 2. Top counties for the early youth hunt were Osage with 448, Franklin with 393, and Howell with 376 deer checked. Last year's harvest total for the early youth hunt was 18,676.

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MDC encourages sending butternut tree seeds to state nursery

    Now is a great time to send butternut tree seeds to the state nursery, according to the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC). Ed Hovis, a MDC forestry resource technician, said butternut trees are somewhat rare in our area and they desperately need help. This is why he takes time on and off the job to find and collect butternut tree seeds and send them to the George O. White State Nursery.

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Too soon old, too late smart!

    Two weeks ago I had a birthday and someone who came by to eat some of my birthday cake reminded me how old I was. My gosh, I can’t hardly believe it. I was only complaining about turning 40 just awhile back, it seems. I started writing about being a grizzled old veteran outdoorsman back then just for a lark, and now I really am one!

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Maramec hosting Derby Day

    Maramec Spring Park will host Fall Derby Day this Saturday, October 25. The Missouri Department of Conservation will be stocking 30 lunkers, along with regular fish for the event.