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Discover nature with MDC at State Fair in Sedalia Aug. 7-17

Discover nature with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia Aug. 7 – 17. Visit MDC's Conservation Building from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily to see aquaria full of live fish and other aquatic wildlife, and displays of live native animals such as snakes and turtles. Have conservation questions answered by MDC staff, get free stuff, and have fun.

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On fairness and fires out west

    A newspaper editor told me that I made a big mistake in last week’s column. I wrote that there was an MDC news release about the man who was killed by a copperhead bite. I should have said “news story” instead of “news release.” I must therefore apologize for not being a better journalist.

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Meramec River clean up scheduled

The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region (OSC) is organizing the 47th annual Operation Clean Stream. The project will be held in the  Meramec River Watershed on Saturday, Aug. 23, and Sunday, Aug. 24, rain or shine. 


Area residents taking 1,063-mile float

    Not everyone has the same idea of making a dream come true. For Allen McGuire, of Potosi, a dream come true would be completing something he has never done with someone who means the world to him. Starting August 1, McGuire will attempt to bring this dream to reality as he and his son Jacob set out for a 50-day canoe trip from Huzzah Valley to the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of 1,063 miles.

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Snakes don’t always deserve to live

    Last week a visitor to Sam A Baker State Park apparently picked up a copperhead and was bitten two or three times. He died some time later. I heard the Missouri Department of Conservation news release saying it was only the third death from a copperhead bite in Missouri, which they had record of.  That last part should be emphasized.

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Beware of hungry bears

Black bears normally are shy and elusive, but the Missouri Department of Conservation urges those few Missourians lucky enough to see bears to keep them at arm’s length. Keeping bears wild not only protects people and property – it protects bears, too.

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