Steelville Elementary students and their families enjoyed the annual carnival held at the school on Friday, May 15. The event featured a variety of fun games and activities, prizes, food, and a silent auction, too.

Steelville Police Report

The Steelville Police Department responded to a total of 298 calls logged through the Crawford County E-911 office for the month of April. The following is a breakdown of those calls by category: Abandoned Vehicle—2, Active Burglary/Hold-up Alarm—7, Animal Situation—3, Assist Another Agency—10, Assist Fire Department—2, Assist Visitor at SPD—6, Assault—5, Attempt to Overtake—2, Burglary—4, Careless and Imprudent Driving Complaint—7, Check Wellbeing—6, Child Matter—4, Citizen Assistance—48, Disturbance—14, Domestic—2, Domestic Disturbance—3, Drug Possession—3, Fraud/Counterfeit—4, Funeral/Citizen Escort—7, Extra Patrol Request—3, Follow-up—29, Hang-up 911 Investigation—1, Harassment—5, Helicopter Landing Zone Traffic Assistance—2, Information—8, Investigation—18, Left Without Paying for Fuel—7, Medical Emergency—9, Missing person—1, Motor Vehicle Collision—9, Motorist Vehicle Assist—6, Property Destruction—2, Suicide Attempt/Thoughts—1, Suspicious Activity—5, Theft/Stealing—8, Traffic Stops—34, Warrant Arrest—9, Miscellaneous—2.

Steelville Fire Report

With the upcoming holiday weekend, Steelville Fire Protection District (SFPD) asks everyone to stay safe and drive carefully. Don’t drink and drive and pay attention to other drivers because they may not be watching out for you. When enjoying local waterways, don’t dive into areas where you don’t know the depth.

And on Memorial Day, the SFPD hopes you will join with them in remembering those who lost their lives in the cause of freedom.   

The SFPD responded to the following calls between May 1 and 14:

Class of 2015 brings in $171,390 for higher education

Steelville High School graduates from the class of 2015 garnered a total of $171,390 in one-time scholarships, some renewable through college for a grand total of $429,390. Awards are as follows: