Voters are having rights stripped away

    The voters of Missouri are having their rights stripped away incrementally by Governor Parsons, Secretary of State John Ashcroft, and our legislators in Jefferson City.

    One volatile example is abortion in Missouri. The above-mentioned do not believe the voters of Missouri are smart enough to have a say in what is legislated—they are afraid to hear the opinion of the voters who elect them.
    Our legislators (who by the way are to represent all of Missourians) voted for very restrictive anti-abortion laws. Governor Parson’s administration filed a lawsuit to close Planned Parenthood in Missouri (as well as many other health related services Planned Parenthood provides for women). Ashcroft was derelict in his duty to work on a request for a petition, until the deadline was passed, so the question of abortion could not be put on the ballot in the 2020 election so that every voter can express their opinion.
    An issue of this magnitude should have been put to the voters Missouri—instead we have been denied the fundamental right to vote our conscience.
    Thankfully there are candidates running giving us the opportunity to vote our conscience in 2020!
Maxine and Ken Horgan
Mountain View, Mo.

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