Presidents should be role models

     I am an Independent, leaning toward Republican voter and I’m writing in response to last week’s opinion on President Trump.

    Yes, he’s good for our economy, yes, he’s good for Wall Street and good for jobs. But consider this: What jobs are we talking about? Certainly not low-income jobs. Do we want our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to watch our president gloat over the death of an enemy, embellish facts, call those who disagree with his policies “Human Scum?”
    I want our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to be able to look up to our U.S. presidents as positive role-models to imitate. Where is our civility? I’m afraid for our next generation, aren’t you?
    I mourn for our divided country. Our leaders must work together, “Across the Aisle” to restore human decency and respect others’ opinions. Free speech shouldn’t mean rudeness, bullying, lack of respect for others who disagree with us.
Rusty Cook

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