Letters to the Editor

What will you do for a cell phone?

    Even a year ago, as misinformation was deliberately spread across the land and unnecessary shutdowns were forced upon us, I would not have believed I would ask this question of Americans, but here it is: Are you willing to pump COVID vaccine into your bloodstream in order to keep your cell phone service?

Grants will help local producers

    Many of us have changed the way we purchase and prepare our food over the past 12 months. Families now spend more time cooking at home. We are learning that local meat provides a better and more affordable alternative to the big box store.


    Along with many other people, I am confused about the political situation in our country. Therefore I intend to pose questions to those who voted for the Democrats in the election last year.

SMTS opposes bill

    Southeast Missouri Transportation Service, Inc. (SMTS, Inc.) is in opposition to proposed legislation—like House Bill No. 52 sponsored by Representative Adam Schnelting (R-St. Charles)—allowing concealed-carry permit holders to lawfully bring firearms on public transportation. It raises serious concerns for public safety and jeopardizes the local funding SMTS, Inc. receives to match federal funding.