Letters to the Editor

Resurrection Day

    Resurrection Day, that glorious day nearly 2,000 years ago when Jesus rose from the dead never again to die. That day Jesus broke the chains of death, not only for himself, but for all of us who give our lives to Him in obedience to His will.

A good kind of fever

    My wife has been stricken with a severe fever and itchy hands. Oddly enough, though, Jennifer is smiling, chatty and full of pep. It happens every year when March 1 arrives. She gets spring fever accompanied by the itch to garden, starting with planting peas and potatoes.

Orwell’s Dystopian World

    What are journalists talking about when they refer to our presently evolving culture as an Orwellian dystopian nightmare? George Orwell was a British journalist and socialist who was very concerned about the plight and problems of the working classes. Well into the Civil War in Spain he travelled there to report on and possibly to participate in the resistance of workers against a despotic Fascist dictator.