Letters to the Editor

Appalled at ignorance

    Regarding the content of most of the recent letters to the editor that (were) chose(n) to print, I can only say that I am appalled at the depth and volume of ignorance, disinformation and cult-like thinking that is being broadcast.

Coming out a Dem

    My name is Daniel Tracy, and I would like to “come out” of the proverbial closet to now identify as a Democrat. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Bourbon, Missouri. I was afforded the opportunity to travel the world both in my childhood and into my adult life. I am an active member of our community who enjoys donating my time and money for causes close to my heart.

No unity with lies

    There is a general call for unity after the attempted coup at our nation’s capital. Creating unity needs to start with our Republican elected officials jointly signing a statement that renounces “the big lie.”

Where’s the grief?

    Inauguration Day 2020 I watched with a saddened heart as President Trump bid his final farewell and left Washington D.C. to resume his life as just an American citizen. I decided he was gone, and now I needed to accept that Joe Biden would now be president.