Letters to the Editor

Great support

    Despite a global pandemic, residents of Cuba, St. James, and Steelville area shared the true meaning of Christmas with children in need this past holiday season.

We know the score

    How can you tell when an alleged “president elect” is illegitimate? Look to the streets and sky. If he needs 25,000 National Guard on patrol…if he needs a capitol city crisscrossed with razor wire…if he needs a sky choked with military helicopters…if he needs all this just to be inaugurated, you can fairly say the new guy has a serious problem. This will be the very first militarized inauguration in our history.

Stop global warming

    Our world is facing a number of existential threats. The COVID-19 pandemic, while serious, does not threaten the existence of humanity. Nuclear war and global warming are existential threats.

Letters opened eyes

    Wow! What great letters in last week’s paper. Three showed different aspects of the political scene and a questionable election. The fourth was a very personal real life examination of the sanctity of life and I commend Ms. Stack for choosing life.

Thanks for letter

    Thank you Emily Mosher for writing the article about communism. I had planned on writing something similar. I was going to call it: How do you infiltrate a country? You did it through the eight levels of control you mentioned: healthcare, poverty, debt, gun control, welfare, education, religion and class warfare.