Letters to the Editor

2020 was season to remember

    The 2020 Wildcat Football season was one filled with uncertainty from the beginning. None of us knew what would happen with the spread of COVID-19 or how it would jeopardize teams from around the country. Factor that “unknown” in and an overhaul of the coaching staff and playbook and the 2020 season was filled with question marks before it even began.

Shop safe and shop local

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many events to be cancelled this year, but it does not take away the opportunity to shop local during the holiday season. Communities across the country have found innovative ways to keep both business owners and customers safe.

Doesn’t understand other opinions

    I don't understand Gene Policinski in his Guest Editorial in the November 19 edition.  While he makes a good case for the 1st Amendment right of protest, he appears to equate obstructing traffic, toppling monuments, and striking a police officer with peaceful demonstrations and therefore should not be felonies. This is ridiculous.

Christmas parade canceled by COVID

    Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID-19 cases within our community the Cuba Chamber of Commerce has decided to cancel the annual Christmas parade. We know this comes at a time when our community is grieving for normalcy including interaction with family, friends and neighbors.