Letters to the Editor

Still confused

    Having waited a full month for my Democrat friends to answer my inquires, it seems appropriate to continue my quest to understand the present political situation. Perhaps my questions were vague and need clarification.

Great performance

    Wow, wow, wow. There are not enough words to describe the St. James High School band concert I just witnessed on Saturday afternoon. It was great in two parts. First, the Performing Arts Auditorium. What a beautiful venue. The seating was very comfortable, the view was perfect and the acoustics were outstanding. Dr. Johnson and the school board have created something the people of St. James should be very proud of. Well done.

Property rights battle coming down to wire

    On a recent afternoon in mid-April, hundreds of Missourians rallied at the Missouri State Capitol to urge the legislature to protect their property rights. The rally was sparked by an egregious abuse of eminent domain in northern Missouri.