Steelville News

Rescue group continues to seek donations for new animal shelter

Local rescue organization Santana’s Hope 4 Paws continues to raise funds to build a new animal shelter and city pound for the city of Steelville. The project is one that volunteers with the organization are passionate about and that is needed for the city.

Steelville man charged with city, county thefts

It looks like social media helped nab a car thief in the area last week, with a post shared about a car stolen from Steelville generating responses that it had been seen in Sullivan and putting police on scene within a few minutes to recover the vehicle. The man charged with the theft has also been implicated in the theft of a City of Steelville pickup truck and a variety of other tools and miscellaneous items from the utility department.

Steelville City Council Notes: August 2019

City council members for the city of Steelville met three times in August. The first two were regularly scheduled meetings, and the third took the place of the first Monday meeting for September, which was the Labor Day holiday. Notes from the business conducted at the meetings follow.