Our children need us on April 2

    Citizens of the Steelville School District have an opportunity to truly make a difference in the education of our youth by voting yes on Proposition S. In the past year, I served on the Citizens Action Committee for the Steelville school board and learned of the many problems in our school structures.

    Students can’t use some areas of the school because of excessive water damage and other issues. This school year, the elementary kids have not had a proper gym class because they have been forced to use the “multi-purpose room” due to the old gym floor being warped to a point it could cause major safety issues.
    Please think back to when you were in school and imagine trying to have PE in a room a third the size of a normal gym; I bet kick ball wouldn’t be as fun would it? Kids need that physical time in their school day to get out of the classroom and play some games.     
    Let’s also consider the kids morale. Parents are dropping kids off every day to a facility that is literally falling apart. As a student how would you feel going to a place that is supposed to be “safe” and wondering why is the roof leaking, why is it so hot/cold in my classroom, why does the building smell so bad, or is the roof going to fall down? The kids begin their day walking into a dreary old dilapidated building that can fill them with negativity from the get go. We can fix this!
    Steelville has the potential to grow. One of our major job producers in town is expanding that will hopefully result in more people working in our town. To get those workers to stay here we need to give them a reason to live here and not commute so that their tax dollars stay in our community. I believe having a nice school would be a great incentive to keep those folks here.
    Best of all, Proposition S will not cost you any more money than you are already paying. If you are a homeowner an improved school system can result in an increase in your property value. Think about it, if you have an opportunity to get something to increase the value of your home without spending a dime would you take that opportunity?
    The only thing a voter has to do is show up at the polls on April 2 and vote yes on Prop. S and invest in our future. This is not a “want,” this is a necessity.
Alex Settles

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