So enthused about D.C.

    Have you ever been more enthused about our elected officials in Washington then you are now? I know I haven’t been.

    It fills me to overflowing with confidence when I see how willing they all are to put politics aside and work to find solutions to the multitude of problems facing our great nation. When one side comes up with a possible solution to a problem the other side automatically says it won’t work and that is the end of it.
    I visualize America laying in ruins with member of both parties looking out the windows of their offices and saying, “We destroyed America, but more importantly we never compromised and we saved the party!”
    President Trump and North Korean President Kim Jong-un recently had a meeting and they could not agree on anything, so they compromised. Now Kim is allowed to keep his nuclear program intact and President Trump is allowed to keep telling the world what a fine, upstanding person Kim is and how you can take him at his word on anything.
    Nancy Pelosi blames the Republicans and Mitch McConnell blames the Democrats for nothing being accomplished, but in reality what has either side done to save America?
    In closing, let me sound off on a phrase that I am sick and tired of and that is the phrase, “Separation of church and state.” I attended grade school at Wesco. At that time we had a pastor that came around on a regular basis and we would have Bible study right there in the classroom.
    Now, we have a reunion every year of the Wesco, Cook Station and Carr schools and I have yet to meet anyone that suffered any emotional scaring from this horrific experience, but instead I meet super fine people who love their country, their God and their families and would give the shirt off their back. School shootings were unheard of then. Just look how far we have come.
Ray Plank

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