Beware of proposed voting change

    The Missouri House of Representatives is voting on a measure that would limit our right to vote for whom we want in primary elections.

     The HB 26 (closed primaries) states that a voter has to be registered  as a Constitutional, Democrat, Green, Libertarian, Republican or “unaffiliated” to vote in any political primary elections including a preferential presidential primary.  At each primary election there will be separate ballot for each established political party entitled to participate in the election. There shall be a separate ballot for unaffiliated voters, which shall contain only ballot measures and non-partisan candidates submitted by political subdivision and special districts.  
     If you want to change your political party affiliation you must do so prior to 23 weeks before the primary. If you want to change your party affiliation within that 23 weeks, you can, but you will still have to vote your previous preference at the upcoming primary. Your political party registration will be determined by your political party ballot in the August 2020 primary and the 2020 presidential preference primary. If you do not choose a political party preference or “unaffiliated” you will be marked “unaffiliated.”  
     If HS 26 and Senate bill 922 pass the closed primary system of voting in Missouri would begin after January 1, 2021.
    Our concern is that for local elections this bill would disenfranchise those that vote based on who the candidates are instead of which party they represent…just another attempt to restrict our voting rights.
Maxine and Ken Horgan
Mountain View, Mo.

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