Scholar Bowl team finishes fourth in the conference

By Destiny Penfield, SJP Intern
    The St. James High School Scholar Bowl team had a tough time getting to several of its scheduled meets this season due to winter weather, but the squad turned in a fine performance at the Four-Rivers Conference tournament, taking fourth overall.

    The scholar bowl team started out their season at a match on November 15 at Salem. With a team made mainly of freshman and only three returning members, the junior varsity placed second. Abram Schisler and Susannah Schisler both earned medals.
    In their most recent meet, they won three matches and Schisler received a medal for finishing fifth individually. And during the conference tournament, Schisler and Jacob Rinehart earned all-conference by placing third and sixth respectively.
    Both in conference and out of conference have around the same number of matches and conference. National Academic Quiz Tournament rules apply.
    In Scholar bowl, there are two different types of questions, the toss-up questions and the bonus questions. Each toss-up question is worth 10 points and a bonus you can get up to 30 points. Only the person who answers the toss-up question right can answer the bonus question.
    In a scholar bowl meet, there are four quarters. The first quarter is 15 toss-up questions, the second quarter is 10 toss-ups with bonus questions, which repeats for the second half. The morning rounds set rankings and keep track of individuals scores. In the afternoon, everyone plays in some meets, while at others only a top percentage keep playing.
    Individual scores are based on the number of questions answered correctly, which determines who medals. Medals are given to the top 10 individuals, while first- and second-place teams get plaques.

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