MDC welcomes new commissioners Harrison and McHenry

The Missouri Conservation Commission and Missouri Department of Conservation(MDC) welcome Dr. Steven Harrison of Rolla and Mark McHenry of Kansas City to the Missouri Conservation Commission following their recent appointments by Gov. Mike Parson.

Fishing with friends should always be a great experience

    As fishermen, anglers, or worm dunkers, we all enjoy doing it. We all love going fishing with a friend. However, there are ups and downs to fishing with our best bud. We trust them with our best fishing hole, yet compete with them constantly, even if only on a subconscious level.

The value of a quarter

    Today of course, there are few 14-year old kids worrying about family finances, but I really stressed over those hard times when Dad was worried about paying the electric bill from our pool hall. I offered my ideas on saving money. One was the elimination of my regular haircuts.

Feral hogs in Missouri have become a divisive species

    A battle is raging in Missouri over how best to eradicate wild hogs from Missouri’s landscape. Most recognize that wild hogs are extremely destructive to the environment and need to be eliminated. The rift comes from ideas about what techniques are most effective in dealing with the destructive animals.

Crawdads make for good bait…and breakfast

    The crawdad is an unusual creature, always looking back where he has been, and going where his isn’t looking. Quite often where he has been appears quite safe and there looms a bass or walleye or catfish where he is going, and he winds up not going as far as he thought he would.