How to score a sucker and where to grab one

    Usually the yellow suckers run up the streams of the Ozarks earlier than this, but there is no strict timetable. Depending on water conditions, weather, and other factors you can find suckers shoaling in April and May if you look for them. Some friends of mine make a trip each year to the tributaries of Norfork Lake to grab suckers, and they have it down to a fine art, with perfect gear for grabbing, and grab hooks that are built with one large hook and a weight beneath it that makes the single hook sit up on the bottom. That type of grabbing is sort of blind grabbing, like the paddlefish grabbers do.

MDC finds more deer with CWD, but disease remains rare in state

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports 41 new positive test results for chronic wasting disease (CWD) have been confirmed following its sampling and testing of more than 32,000 free-ranging Missouri deer during its 2018-2019 disease-surveillance efforts. The 41 new positive test results bring Missouri’s total CWD detections to 116 since 2012. The new positives were from the following counties:

Onondaga Cave State Park offers series of four hummingbird banding events

Join researcher Lanny Chambers at Onondaga State Park as he captures, bands and studies ruby-throated hummingbirds during a series of banding events. The first event is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., Saturday, May 4 at the park’s visitor center. Reservations are not required.

It’s hard keeping up with ‘Walk About Joe’

    They don’t call him “Walk About Joe” for nothing. Approaching 70 years of age, Joe Hollingshad of Drury, Missouri can still walk with the best of them.
    Born in Ozark County to a hardscrabble farm family in the North Fork Hills, Hollingshad began a life of relative hardship on the family farm. Vehicles were few and far between and beasts of burden, such horses and mules were primarily reserved for adults to ride.