Photography tours of Onondaga and Cathedral caves offered at Onondaga Cave State Park April 28

Are you an avid and artistic photographer looking for a new and unique canvas? Then look no further than Onondaga Cave State Park. Join a member of the Onondaga Friends Association with a passion for photography as she leads tours through two great caves for hours of photographic possibilities Sunday, April 28.

Late Night Cathedral Cave tours offered at Onondaga Cave State Park April 27

Join representatives from the Onondaga Friends Association for a unique, guided, late night Cathedral Cave Tour from 9:30 p.m. to approximately midnight April 27.

We’ve seen high water and some big smallmouth

    Recent rains have swelled area streams, but that hasn’t deterred dedicated smallmouth fishermen from hitting the rivers and streams when water levels subside to safe levels. Facebook followers have enjoyed the products of area fishermen who chase smallmouth bass on a regular basis. They have caught some big fish in the last few weeks.

Wildflower hike at Onondaga Cave State Park set for April 20

    Are you thinking about creating your own native wildflower garden but not sure how or what flowers to incorporate? Join an experienced wildflower gardener, Master Naturalist and Onondaga Friends Association member for a guided wildflower hike on one of Onondaga Cave State Park’s beautiful trails at 9 a.m., Saturday, April 20.

Join MDC May 22 at noon for Wild Webcast on Weird Wildlife

    Did you know that Missouri has several species of fish that swam with dinosaurs? That stinging jellyfish swim in Show-Me State lakes? That turkey vultures poop on their own legs to cool off and vulture chicks vomit and spray stomach acid when threatened? That the tiny short-tailed shrew uses venomous spit to paralyze prey? That Missouri has microscopic animals as big as basketballs? That the Show-Me State has a see-through fish where you can see its heart beating?