New sign at Cuba firehouse sets daily burning conditions

The Cuba Fire Department was the recipient of a new sign from the Missouri Department of Conservation Forestry Division. It is hanging on the front of the House 1 firehouse, facing Highway 19. The sign lets you know if conditions are right for safe burning.

The colors can be easily seen from the highway, so you don’t have to stop. There are five colors that establish how safe or dangerous it is to set an open fire:

  • GREEN – low warning, you may safely open burn
  • BLUE – moderate warning, either container or small open burning recommended
  • YELLOW – high warning, NO open burn, container burning only
  • ORANGE – very high warning, NO burning at all
  • RED – extremely high fire warning, ABSOLUTELY NO burning whatsoever

Wind, humidity, moisture, and rain forecasts play a large part in the safety of burning and the daily fire warnings. Having a cover over your burn container reduces the risk of a fire getting out of control. As we are heading into the fall season of burning of leaves and other yard waste, please check the warning sign before burning. Following the recommended burn warnings will lead to fewer uncontrolled fires and fewer fire callouts for the volunteer department.

The fire department has wanted to make this information available for the public for a long time. Our community is very good at controlling and watching their fires while burning. The Cuba Fire Department thanks you and encourages you to have a safe fall.