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Kids learn about Van Gogh, hone their art skills at Mini Picasso Night – PHOTO GALLERY

Cuba Elementary’s first Mini Picasso Night was held on Friday, October 20. Mini Picasso Night is hosted by elementary art teacher Melissa Albright, and it is an opportunity for families to work together to create a painting on canvas, in an effort to enrich the art education of students at the elementary school. 

Mini Picasso Night was made possible through JOG, Inc. and the Race to the Rocker, as both organizations generously donated funding to help get the event started. Kindergarten students who participated in Mini Picasso Night learned about the Post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh. Inspired by his 1889 painting “Sunflowers,” students set to work to create their own sunflower painting. Step by step instructions for the painting were provided by Ms. Albright, while a family member assisted each artist in their creative work. 

The next Mini Picasso event in the works will be held at the elementary school in March.