Bourbon School Board Notes – December 2017

The Bourbon R-1 Board of Education held its monthly meeting on December 19, 2017. The following items of school district business were discussed at that time:

  • The board approved the Consent Agenda, which included approval of the November 16 minutes; paying all bills and salaries; approval of revisions to Procedure BDDB-AP - Annual Board Calendar; and approval of an addition to the substitute teacher list.
  • The board appointed Rachel Orton as Student Advisor to the Board for the 2018 calendar year.
  • The board approved Abby Weppner as the district’s Belcher Scholarship Nominee.
  • The board approved the Fresh Ideas Annual Renewal.
  • The board viewed the MSBA December 2017 Board Report. This report can be accessed at
  • Blake Beckett presented his final report as Student Advisor to the Board. The board presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Blake following his report.
  • Administrators provided building/department reports.
  • The board began review of two MSBA policy revisions: EHBC-Data Governance and Security and KG-Community Use of District Facilities.
  • The board discussed planning for completion of the annual superintendent evaluation.
  • The board held closed session to discuss personnel matters.