Cuba Schools offering adult education classes

In an effort to better connect with the Cuba community and provide more educational opportunities, Crawford County R-2 Schools will offer four adult education courses this spring. The classes are at no charge to enrollees, and if all goes well, the district hopes to expand its course offerings in the future.

The four classes on the spring schedule include ACT/MAP: Help! Unscrambling Assessment, Digital Super Sleuth Parents/Guardians, Digital Citizenship, and Wildcat Crock Pottery: Crock Pot Freezer Meals for Busy Weeks.

R-2 Superintendent Jon Earnhart said the plan to add adult education programs has been in the works for some time. “This is kind of a current trend in education,” he said. “It’s becoming pretty popular with public school districts. For us, it’s about getting our community involved in education and trying to provide some resources for our parents. If you look at the classes we are offering in the spring, they focus on giving parents good information on ACT testing, preparing simple and nutritious meals with a crock pot, and courses aimed at being safe online.”

ACT/MAP: Help! Unscrambling Assessment is the first class being offered. It will take place on March 20 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cuba Middle School library, and it is aimed at educating parents on the ACT and MAP tests, their purpose, why such tests exist, and how to help children survive and thrive during such testing periods.

Digital Super Sleuth Parents/Guardians is a one-hour course that will explain the Student Information System (SIS) and how it is used to assist parents in monitoring homework for their kids. It will also explore how to monitor student scores and points from home through the Accelerated Reading Home Connection, as well as information about the school’s library system. The course takes place on April 11 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cuba Elementary library and computer lab.

Digital Citizenship is a class designed to teach the norms of appropriate and responsible technology usage. The one-hour class will equip parents with strategies and ideas for dealing with the social media-driven world their children now live in. Brief discussions and video presentations will cover topics such as internet safety, online privacy and security, cyberbullying and digital drama, self-image and identity, creative credit and copyright, and much more. The class takes place on April 18 at 6:30 p.m. in the Cuba Elementary library and computer lab.

“With the Digital Citizenship class, we’re basically going to try to educate parents with some good, proactive strategies for our kids to make sure they are safe and using technology properly,” said Superintendent Earnhart. “It’ll cover social media use, maintaining privacy, what’s appropriate and inappropriate, those kinds of things.”

Wildcat Crock Pottery: Crock Pot Freezer Meals for Busy Weeks is a one-hour course that will teach parents and students how to prepare easy crock pot freezer meals for the entire family that are quick, easy to make, and nutritious. Students taking the class will take home with them two meals for the family and a folder full of recipes and cooking tips.

“For the working family, this gives them some ideas for nutritious meals that you can prepare ahead of time,” Earnhart said. “It’s just another resource to try and help parents. We understand that a lot of our parents work, and that makes it tough to plan out dinner meals.”

All of the classes on the spring schedule are for one night only, and they will last 60 minutes to 90 minutes. “We’re not going to ask parents to dedicate a great part of their evening. Our goal is not for them to spend an entire evening here,” said Earnhart. “At the end of the day, this is about increasing our parent involvement in our schools and being a good partner within the community. We’re trying to provide a valuable resource that we hope our parents can take advantage of. If we want people to come, we have to provide them with things that are of value. We just want to be a positive resource. We feel like that’s part of our responsibility. It helps build relationships with parents and community members.”

Earnhart said the school district hopes to expand course offerings in the future, and a fall schedule of classes could be implemented this year. “If this works like we hope it does, we’ve discussed a class on college preparation, scholarship applications, college savings plans, banking and finance, lots of things,” he said. “We’ll ask for feedback on the classes this spring. I could see us putting out some kind of survey to gauge interest and what types of courses people would like to see. We’ll learn a lot from these four courses, especially in terms of how well we’ve marketed it.”

Parents can enroll for any or all of the Cuba Community Education Courses scheduled this spring by picking up an enrollment form at the district’s main administrative office or online at the school district’s website, under the PARENTS tab.

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