Bus routes announced for Bourbon schools

    As the new school year begins, we want to welcome all students.  The following information is provided to assist students in boarding buses for school.  During the first couple of weeks, parents should have their children ready early until time schedules are more accurately set, due to new students moving into the district. 

When the number of student riders on each route are known, some additional adjustments may have to be made after the start of school.  Drivers, bus numbers, and routes have changed, so please, check below to determine which bus your children will ride this school term. We strive to make the routes as efficient as possible to get students to school and home in the shortest and safest way possible. After reviewing the routes, if you have any additional questions, please call Joe Obermark, Transportation Director at 573-732-4424 or Anthony Pratt, Bus Supervisor, at 573-732-4813.  You may also call the school offices at 732-5365 (Elementary), 732-4424 (Middle School), or 732-5615 (High School) for emergency only bus passes.  All other bus pass requests should follow procedures outlined in the student handbooks.  Please take time to remind your young children of an alternate place to go if they sense anything out of the ordinary when the bus drops them off in the evening, and also for special arrangements during inclement weather or early dismissal from school.  This will help your child stay calm and know what to do if their routine is planned out in advance.  We all have to work together to ensure the safety of our children.
     Bus #1, Kirk Belmar: Begins at approximately 6:40am. Go to Hwy. H South, left onto Springfield Rd, right to Forrest Hill, right on Ransom Road, left on Hwy. H, left on Possum Hollow. At 1285 Possum Hollow turn around, right on Hwy. H, right on Ransom Road, left on Old Leasburg Road, left on Bluebird, right onto Hwy. H, going across railroad tracks to make right on Springfield, go to Seventh Street. At the corner of Cedar & Third Street make right on Lake Drive, go to stop sign, make left, go to Hwy. H, then to High, to Middle/Elementary School.
     Bus #3, Sonny Sappington:  Begins at 6:45 a.m. Out Hwy. N, proceed through Possum Hollow Road to Sappington Road, turn around at end of Sappington Road, back to Possum Hollow, left to Turkeyfoot, to Turkeyfoot Estates, turn around at first Y then back to Turkeyfoot, left to Hwy. JJ, right on Hillcrest, turn around and back to JJ to Cedar Street, to Hwy. N, right to Barton Street, turn right back around to Cedar Street, right to Hwy. N, left to Spruce, left to Cedar, right to Pine, to High School, to Middle/Elementary.
     Bus #4, Diana Siess:  Begins at 7:00 a.m. Coffeyton Road to Old Springfield to McWilliams Road, left on Grotemac Lake Road, right on Fletcher Road, go across Hwy. H and continue on Fletcher Road, turn left onto Greenbriar to Hwy. H, turn right onto Hwy. H, turn right on Springfield Street just before the tracks, turn around at treatment plant, back to First, right on Cedar, left on Hwy. H, right on Service Road to High School, to Middle/Elementary School.
    Bus #7, Laura Sanders: (LEASBURG ROUTE)… Begins at approximately 6:25 a.m. Out Hwy. H to Nixon School Road, keep right at the Y to Davis Valley, left on Hwy. MM to Riverbend, left on Nixon School Road, left on Davis Valley Road, right on MM, left on Fitzgerald, continue straight along railroad tracks, straight across H, continue along track, circle around, right on Bluebird, right on Hwy. H, cross railroad tracks, right on Service Road to High School, picking up students on Old Hwy. 66,  to Middle/Elementary School.
    Bus # 8, Renee Blunkall:  Route begins at 6:30 a.m. at bus garage to Hwy. J to Bohenkamp Road, to Ruwwe’s, turn around, go back to Hwy. J and turn right, then left on Fann Road  and turn around a mile down, go back to Hwy. J, turn right, take Hwy. J,  left onto North South Road to left on Essman Dunn Road, to right on Hwy. WW, to right on Landon Road, left Forest Knolls Subdivision, left on Landon, right on North Service Road, left over Hwy. J overpass, straight to next overpass and turn left, straight at stop sign to Pine Street, left on Elm, right on Old Hwy 66, right on Pine, left on Olive, left on Oak, left on Old Hwy. 66,  to High School, to Middle/Elementary
    Bus #9, David Harmon:  Begins at 6:40 a.m. Left on Watkins Street, turn around on Watkins Street, to Hinch, pick up at the end of Christy Mine Road, Campbell Bridge, back to Hwy. N, then to Middle and Elementary School, then High School.
    Bus #10, Nancy Hughes: Early Childhood, as needed.
    Bus #11, Debbie Collins: Begins at 7:10 a.m.  North Service Road to Landon Road, right on Hwy. WW to North Service Road, right to Woodland Drive, right on Valley Drive, right out of bottom of Woodland Heights, right on North Service Road, left on FF overpass, right on South Service Road to Johnson Street, left on Emerald Vista, right on Frontier Street, left on Parkwood, right on Marlette, left on Liberty, right on Marlette, right on Emerald Vista, right on Johnson, to High School, to Middle/Elementary.
    Bus #14, Joe Mattox: Begins at 6:55 a.m. Go to South Service Road to Landers Trailer Court. Left on Butler Pond Road, right on FF, right on Baldwin Road, left on Beckett Road, left on Rock Road to turn around at Stacks, back to town, left on Pine Street, to High School, to Middle/Elementary School.
    Bus #16, Albert Hotz:  Begins at 6:45 a.m. on Hwy. C, Rustic Acres, turn around, right on  Hwy. C, right on Mound, left on Sun Meadow Loop, left on Mound, right on Cartwright Road, right on Gerth, Gerth to C, right on C, right on Argo Road, turn around on Bechter, back to Argo, left on Argo, left on Hwy. C to High School, to  Middle/Elementary.
     Bus #18, Richard Denaro: Begins at 6:55 a.m. North Service Road, right on Brand Road, left on Burnett, right on Hwy. C, right on Rohrer Road, to North Service Road, to Lakewood Mobile Home Court, left to North Service Road, to right across overpass to Old Springfield Road to High School, to Middle/Elementary School.
    Bus #19, Leroy Bryant:  Begins at 6:30 a.m. Hwy. N to Hwy. W turn around and stop at Lodge Road, back to N to Mine Road, turn around at the Fire Station, back to N, back to Walton Street, Back to Elementary/Middle School, then to High School.
    Bus #22, Janet Moore: As Needed

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