St. James man faces drug charge after stealing from Walmart

A St. James man was charged with one felony count of delivery of a controlled substance following his arrest on July 31, after he was arrested for allegedly stealing from Walmart.

    According to the probable cause statement on file for the case, an officer from the Rolla Police Department was dispatched to Walmart at 3:36 Tuesday, July 31. Upon arrival, the officer was informed by Walmart loss prevention that Austin M. Davidson, 24, was seen switching the tag on a pair of shoes to reduce its price from $21 to $5.
    The statement reports Davidson admitted to the officer that he switched the tags and checked out with the shoes. Upon arrest, a black box Davidson dropped was found to contain 7.5 grams of a crystalline substance, which field tested positive for meth. According to the probable cause report, Davidson admitted the meth belonged to him. The officer reported the amount of meth seized is not consistent with personal use.
    Davidson was already facing a jury trial for a previous charge tracing back to February 20, when, during a traffic stop, he was allegedly found in possession of meth. Davidson was driving a black Ford escort in the 2,600 block of Bishop Avenue at 8:11 p.m. on February 20 when a Rolla police officer pulled him over due to its license plate being issued for a different vehicle, according to that case’s probable cause statement.
The officer ran a criminal history check on Davidson, finding he was on probation in connection to charges of possession of a controlled substance. During a search of the vehicle, the officer discovered a baggie containing a white powder on the ground next to where Davidson was standing and an additional bag of meth was found on his person during strip search after he was transported to the Phelps County Jail. The total weight seized was 13 grams.
    Davidson was charged with felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and delivery of a controlled substance to a county jail following the incident. He posted a $100,000 bond February 26 and a jury trial is scheduled for September 10 for that incident.
    Following Tuesday’s arrest, Davidson’s bond was set at $25,000.

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