God can change a life

    I have had the privilege of hearing Liz Curtis Higgs speak. She has a powerful story, a story that shows how God can change the life of a person who is willing to give his or her life to Jesus.

    Liz was not always a Christian speaker. Her early life as Liz Curtis was much different. Liz speaks of herself as being anything but Christian. Liz had a radio program in Detroit, Michigan and at one time was billed as Detroit’s number one lady of Rock-n-Roll.
    Howard Stern, who hosted a morning show on the same radio station, spoke of Liz. She said that “he shook his head at me and said, ‘Liz, you’ve got to clean up your act.’ It wasn’t my on-air show that needed cleaning up. It was my lifestyle.”
    From Detroit, Liz moved to Louisville, Kentucky, still into radio. There she met Tim and Evelyn Kelly, who were members of the Southeast Christian Church in Louisville. They invited Liz to come to church with them. She went again the next week at the Kellys’ invitation and was soon invited to join the church choir.
    A couple of months later, as she was singing in the choir, the services closed by singing “I Have Declined to Follow Jesus.” Liz said, “I did just that. Walked right out of the choir loft and down to the baptistery, as the whole section gasped, ‘We thought she was one of us.’ Finally, I was. I was delivered, body and soul, from one location to another—from the gates of Hell to the gates of Heaven.”
J.M. Stock
High Hill, Mo.

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