Chipman is the choice

    On November 6, we have a choice to make for State Representative. Jason Chipman is a veteran. He has been an active and consistent conservative voice for us. He knows what public service is about and shares our rural values.

    All you need to know about his opponent, Theresa Schmitt, is that she has not voted
for 10 years prior to being persuaded to run for this seat. And I don’t for a second buy the noise about her being an independent and having no real party affiliation.
    If you have paid any attention at all to other Democrat recruits around the country this election season, that is what almost all of them are claiming. Obviously, just a ploy to try to gain undecided voters, and when they get into office, they tow the party line. This is not a person I trust to make laws for me and my loved ones.
    Jason Chipman has shown time and again that he stands up for rural values, for the unborn, for our law enforcement and for Second Amendment rights. He cut our taxes and is getting our schools more money than they have ever had.
    Democrats want control of our guns, our property and our lives. We need a strong, active voice to fight for our freedoms, and Jason Chipman is that voice!
Pat Elders

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