Alternative reality

    Avid readers enjoy the funny fictionalized stories which appear in small town newspapers like this one. But the smiles leave our faces when the funny fictionalized story is written by our U.S. Congressman as his version of the truth.

    Jason Smith states in his “Capitol Report – 8th District” article of October 11, 2018, his opposition to other states allowing non-citizens to vote in their local state elections. Congressman Smith admits that those individuals will not be permitted to vote in national elections, only in state elections in those states extending voting privileges.
    Guess my question to Congressman Smith is, “What does that have to do with the 8th District?” Why do you object to what is done in other states when you and your pals collectively ignore the needs of those right here in Missouri? Damn, Jason, haven’t you heard the saying that “All Politics Is Local”?
    You rant and rave, week after week, about “sanctuary cities,” “radical liberals” and “border security.” Do you really think that those are the issues most important to your constituents in the 8th District? Really, Jason?
    In Congressman Smith’s “alternative reality” he avoids the key issues by condemning what others are doing in other states, while he does nothing to help those in need right here in Missouri. Why, Jason? Why not us?
    Okay, Jason, your feet are officially being held to the fire. What about healthcare? Where do you stand about protecting those who can’t afford the coverage that you enjoy as a U.S. Congressman? Where do you stand on expanding Mecicare to cover everyone, so the folks stuck here in the 8th District can get the same healthcare enjoyed by the rich, out-of-district donors funding your re-election efforts? Jason, where do you really stand on Trump’s “trade war,” which has forced thousands of Missouri farmers to store their soybeans and other crops until intelligent people are back in charge? Jason, please take the time to explain to us poor folks in Missouri, living paycheck to paycheck, how giving billions of dollars of taxcuts to millionaires and big corporations is helping us. Yes, Jason, there is a “trickle-down effect,” but it isn’t money that is trickling down on us, now is it?
    You wrote, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Why vote to re-elect Jason Smith when he represents rich, out-of-state donors and not the poor, hard-working people right here in mid-Missouri? Jason, Abraham Lincoln said you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but not even you, Jason, can fool all of us all of the time. Do your job. Put us first. Represent the 8th Distict, not your political backers and dark-month sugar daddies!
Stan Schell
Farmington, Mo.

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