Divide and win

    What is this about bombs delivered to American citizens after they were defamed by Trump? Hasn’t his rhetoric against groups of people (people of color or other ethnicity) caused enough problems in America today? Follow the old axiom Divide and Win!

    If Joe Public (you and I) were criticizing other citizens and exciting crazy bomb makers, the FBI would put us in cuffs behind bars for inciting a riot! Now, Trump blames news media, his old fallback position.
    Hasn’t this gone beyond adolescent cybercrimes which we all abhor? I exhort everyone to vote responsibly for Republicans, Democrats or Independents that have exhibited a record of sanity in their pasts and pray that they don’t buy into fear tactics after this election.
    Check out votesmart.org and RealClearPolitics.com: click on Election 2018, and ballotpedia.org, PoliticFact.com: click on Truth-O-Meter.
    It will pay to check out your state and federal leaders, because your life and future depends on it.
Julietta Hebenstreit
RN Retired

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