Kordes wins seat as Recorder of Deeds

Robin Kordes was voted as Phelps County Recorder of Deeds in the only contested race determined in Phelps County. Voters also chose to defeat a tax placed on the ballot by the St. James Ambulance District that would have helped offset a stagnant budget and have allowed the district to make needed improvements to equipment and vehicles. All other races and ballot questions were determined by voters state-wide.

The race for Phelps County Recorder of Deeds was between incumbent Republican Robin Kordes and Democrat Liz Sperry. Kordes received 10,922 votes and Sperry 4,066.

Voters rejected a property tax to support the St. James Ambulance District. Proposition Life Safety failed with 2,140 votes against and 1,365 in favor. The tax would have reset the district’s current levy rate of 13.8 cents per $100 assessed valuation up to a maximum of 35 cents per $100 assessed valuation starting in the current tax year.

All other candidates running in Phelps County ran unopposed in the general election including Republicans Pamela Grow for County Clerk, who received 12,765 votes, Brendan Fox for Prosecuting Attorney receiving 12,847, Sue Brown for Circuit Court Clerk with 13,140 votes, Faith Barnes receiving 12,769 votes for Collector of Revenue, 13,009 votes for Carol Green as County Treasurer, and Democrat Randy Verkamp receiving 11,291 votes to remain Phelps County Presiding Commissioner.

Also running unopposed were Republicans Bill Hickle for Judge of Circuit 25 Division 1, who received 13,051 votes, Kenneth Clayton receiving 12,938 votes for Associate Circuit Judge Division 1 and Probate, and 12,797 votes for Mark Calvert for Associate Circuit Judge Division 2.

Incumbent Jason Chipman (R) retained his seat as Missouri State Representative for the 120th District over challenger Theresa Schmitt (D). In Phelps County, Chipman received 3,527 votes and Schmitt 1,346 votes.

Justin Dan Brown (R) and Ryan Dillon (D) battled for the seat of State Senator of the 16th District, with Brown defeating Dillon. In Phelps County, Brown received 9,636 votes and Dillon received 5,659.

Republican Josh Hawley defeated Democrat Claire McCaskill for the seat of United States Senator. In Phelps County, Hawley received 9,718 votes and McCaskill received 5,154.  For US Representative for the 8th Congressional District, Jason Smith, Republican, defeated Democrat Kathy Ellis, retaining his seat. In Phelps County, voters chose Smith with a vote of 10,555 and Ellis received 4,508.

There were four constitutional amendments on the ballot, along with three statewide propositions. Three of the questions posed to voters involved medical marijuana.

Amendment 1 asked voters to decide about a redistricting procedure, limited campaign contributions and gifts, prohibited political fundraising on state property, and required all legislative records and proceedings to be subject to the Missouri Sunshine Law. The amendment was approved statewide. In Phelps County, 8,342 voters said “yes” to Amendment 1, while 6,021 voters said “no.”

Amendment 4 asked voters to change rules regarding bingo in the state and was passed. In Phelps County, 7,760 voters said “yes” to Amendment 4, while 6,782 voters said “no.”

Proposition B asked voters to decide about mandating increases to the minimum wage in Missouri, with voters voting in favor of the proposition. In Phelps County, 8,085 voters said “yes” to Proposition B, while 7,087 voters said “no.”

Proposition D asked Missouri voters to approve an increase to motor fuel taxes annually over a four-year period. The measure failed. In Phelps County, 6,670 voters said “yes” to Proposition D, while 8,485 voters said “no.”

On the three marijuana questions, Amendment 2 was the only one to pass. Amendment 2 asked about medical marijuana usage, imposing a four percent tax on the retail sale of marijuana, using the funds raised for health and care services for military veterans. In Phelps County, 8,677 said “yes” and 5,932 said “no.”

Voters put down Amendment 3, which included the imposition of a 15 percent tax, with funds from these taxes to establish and support a state research institute intended to develop cures and treatments for cancer and other incurable diseases or medical conditions. In Phelps County, 4,229 said “yes” and 10,977 said “no.”

Voters also said “no” to Proposition C, which asked to amend law to allow medical marijuana usage, create regulations and licensing procedures, and impose a two percent tax and license fees on medical marijuana facilities. Funds from license fees would be used to administer the program. Funds from the tax would be used for veterans’ services, drug treatment, early childhood education, and for public safety in cities with a medical marijuana facility. In Phelps County, 6,005 said “yes” and 9,063 said “no.”


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