Just a thought for NFL fans on Veterans Day.

    ‘Tis Sunday afternoon, time for the game,
    The anthem sung but players never came;
    And these Americans up in the stand,
    Who shrug off this dishonor to our land?
    America has loyal teams who care,
    Their kick-offs start on D days over there;
    The fields are huge, there is no out of bounds,
    And red zones cover every inch of ground.
    The conduct of the foes unsportsmanlike,
    To gain each year is risk to limb and life;
    The line is blitzed by day and nightly raids,
    The passing game is throwing hand grenades.
    The pay is poor, not multimillion deals,
    K-rations without Gatorade their meals;
    There is no shower to wash off weekend crud,
    Their locker rooms are foxholes in the mud.
    Survivors dress for colors in their best,
    With battle stars in ribbons on their chest;
    They all salute the flag, some do not stand,
    They left their legs in Afghanistan.
    Strut out disloyal ones and play your game,
    With freedoms won by heroes dead and lame;
    If you don’t love this land get off its back,
    I’ll tell you where to go and help you pack.
Cletus Louis Drone
St. James

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