Disappointed about ambulance vote

    As a resident of St. James and a family of two members of the EMS field, I would like to voice my concern about the failure of the Life Safety Proposition.

    Being that many of St. James residents live in rural areas which can be difficult to get to in good weather and extremely difficult in bad weather, it is also important that one on the scene of an accident or life threatening issue have the equipment they need to save you or loved one to be in perfect working condition and up to date with the newest product available to them.
    I cannot believe that this community could not see the importance of this proposition passing, and I pray that if you or someone that is dear to you ever needs emergency assistance, they are able to get the care they need quickly and efficently with the resources you have decided are adequate for your ambulance service to use to save lives.
    Concerned and disappointed St. James resident.
Valerie Eades
St. James

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