Not a fan of Mueller

    I’m not a fan of Donald Trump, and I didn’t vote for him, but I just have to say a few things about the man who is most obviously hunting him; that is, special counsel Robert Mueller.

    When I heard that Robert Mueller was selected as special counsel, I was shocked, and it takes a lot to shock me in the realm of politics. Why would they pick such a controversial figure to head up the witch, I mean the investigation? Couldn’t they find someone who would still carry water for the Deep State, but is less well known, like Brett Kavanaugh?
    Robert Mueller either led, or had an important hand in, nearly every important government cover-up for the last 30+ years. Here is a partial listing of his resume (your readers can delve further into any of these subjects if they choose.)
    Early on in his career, as a prosecuting attorney in the mid-80s, Mueller protected the feds’ favorite mobster, Whitey Bulger. A side note: Bulger was recently killed when the feds inexplicably transferred him to a federal prison, where his killers were waiting for his arrival, and left him unprotected long enough to allow him to be beaten to death.
    Mueller went on to cover up the truth of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 and spearheaded the very obvious cover-up of the BCCI scandal. He was in charge of the FBI’s botched and clumsy investigations of the 911 attacks, and the anthrax attacks that came on their heels. He defended decades of FBI corruption, from fabricated evidence, tampering with evidence, intimidating witnesses, and fabricating witness testimonies.
    The selection of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel was outrageous. It rivals the selection of Henry Kissinger by G.W. Bush to head up the official 911 investigation. Kissinger was forced to step down when some 911 widows began asking him about his Saudi clients, including the Bin Laden family. It didn’t make any difference, as the Deep State always has lesser known pinch hitters waiting on deck.
    I guess there was no organization of victims to question the appointment of Mueller. Maybe a Victims of BCCI group, or People Falsely Convicted of Murders Committed by Whitey Bulger would have been helpful.
    Anyway, the selection of Robert Mueller is bad for everyone except some elite criminals. Like all official investigations in Washington, one of the purposes of this one is to make sure no real crimes perpetrated by our elite ruling class are exposed.
    I don’t care whether we have the Russian government to thank for giving the world a glimpse of what Hillary Clinton and her inner circle are really like. I want to know the nature of Trump’s friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, or the Clintons, for that matter.
    Anti-Trump and pro-Trump Americans alike, as well as people like me who believe Trump is a blundering narcissist who can’t be any worse than a Bush or a Clinton, should be unhappy about the selection of a sketchy character like Robert Mueller as Special Counsel. The selection only serves to divide us slobs that worry about other things in life, like feeding our families and keeping our cars running. If he ends up exonerating Trump, the anti-Trumpers will cry foul. If he ends up impeaching Trump, his supporters will cry foul. No real crimes will be elucidated. No truth or justice will triumph because of it.
    It’s a worse than useless investigation.
    Thank you for reading.
Dan Jacobson
St. James

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