Crawford County Commission Notes: November 2018

Crawford County Commissioners met three times in November for their regular weekly meetings to discuss county business. They did not meet the first Tuesday due to the General Election. Highlights from the meetings are as follows.

November 14

  • Crawford County E-911 Director Michael Lockhart spoke to commissioners about opting out of HB 1456, and informed the group that the new Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) system had gone live that morning.
  • Commissioners signed Invoice #4 for BRO payment on the Thurman Lake Road Bridge project; signed health department contracts; and signed the assessor’s monthly report.
  • Commission set the holiday dinner at the courthouse for county employees for December 5 and agreed to allow holiday days for November 23, December 24, and December 31. They opted to move commission meetings to December 26 and January 2 because of the holidays, and determined to offer flu shots to county employees at the commission’s cost.
  • Commissioners reported that the group wanting to save the gazebo would be responsible for the costs involved in the project, other than what they had determined to pay for a replacement as was originally planned. Woodrow Martin asked about whether such work had been budgeted by the county. The commission responded that concrete work would have to wait until the spring weather allowed, and they reiterated that the group involved in the plan to save what they could of the old structure was to pay for the additional costs incurred in that process.
  • Commissioners held a closed session meeting per 610.021(17) RSMo., for the discussion of an auditor work product.
  • After the closed session, open session was reconvened, and bills were reviewed and signed.


November 20

  • On behalf of the Steelville Tourism Committee, Police Chief Mike Sherman requested permission to decorate the courthouse lawn for Christmas. The commissioners agreed.
  • Crawford County Sheriff Darin Layman and Brad Dicus (jail maintenance) discussed bids for an HVAC system at the jail. They reported that there would be an increase of $20,000 in equipment fees, while labor would remain the same as previously bid. Ransom Heating & Cooling was the only bid received as of that date. The group also discussed the purchase of a 750-gallon propane tank, with District #2 Commissioner Jared Boast suggesting that the tank be purchased outright.
  • Layman also delivered a housing report on inmates, noting that employees were still needed for the jail and for transport duties.
  • Crawford County Health Department Administrator Honor Evans reported that flu shots and strep testing would be available at the Health Department in December. The rapid flu shot would be $15 out of pocket, and the strep test would be $10 out of pocket. Both would be free with Medicaid. She is also looking into the future availability of Hepatitis C shots.
  • Commissioners held a closed session meeting per 610.021(1) RSMo., for privileged communications with county attorneys.
  • Commissioners reviewed and signed bills.

  • Commissioners discussed what will be done with land to be donated to the county.


November 27

  • James H. Smith presented opposition to the reappointment of Carol Krassinger to the County Senior Citizens’ Tax Board. Bob Thom, chairperson of that board, also discussed problems with Krassinger. It was reported that Krassinger does not serve as a good representative for Bourbon on the senior tax board and that she should be replaced. Commissioners noted they planned to discuss appointments the following week, but took note of the opposition presented.
  • The commission appointed Kyle Hofstetter to the MRDC board as the county’s banking representative.
  • BRO Invoice #7 for the Thurman Lake Road Bridge project was signed.
  • MoDOT representative Preston Kramer and MRPC representative Bonnie Prigge discussed adding and removing projects from the Crawford County needs list for MoDOT for 2019.
  • Commissioners told Tamra Cape, who has worked with the group attempting to save some of the old gazebo, that the deadline to have funding for the project was set at April 1, 2019. She reported she would share that information with the others involved.
  • Commissioners discussed the funding of the proposed HVAC project at the jail with Fred Malicoat, Sheriff Layman, and Dicus.
  • Assessor Kellie Vestal presented a release from Jerome Boda, who wanted it signed by the commission so that he can use video he took on county property. She also provided notification of various property abatements.
  • County Clerk John Martin presented information on CERF payments to be made by the commission on behalf of employees for 2019.
  • Circuit Clerk Karen Harlan explained her decision to give a pay raise to county employees in the circuit court office, who also work for the state in her office, in order to meet the pay level they receive from the state. As it was within her budget, and a modest amount, the commission agreed to pay the increase for those employees.


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