We’re not in Russia

    I know I should be spending this rare spare moment to write about the subjects on which I try to focus: Integrated Pest Management and the irrational chemical dependency of modern agriculture and pest control. But, I find myself once again distracted by the news, and I feel the need to address another issue in the mainstream media.

    When I drive in my car, I tend to channel surf on the radio, and I often rest the dial on an NPR (National Public Radio) station. Now, in spite of (or perhaps because of) being public, and at least to a large degree being supported by taxpayers’ money, NPR is known to most to have a very left-leaning view of the world, as a whole. Occasionally, they air a human-interest or science-based show which I find interesting, or play beautiful obscure or ancient music you won’t hear anywhere else on the dial. But, when it comes to news, they are embarrassingly biased toward unlimited government and social and cultural so-called progressivism.  
    However, recently every time my radio falls on an NPR station, they seem to be taking a break from their usual bitter raging against nature, life, truth, and condescension toward the common people (even if such raging is disguised in soft voices and an attitude of moral superiority, as the world’s truly compassionate ones.) Based on my small sample sizes, it appears to me that they have dropped all of this raging because they have become totally obsessed with a fear (whether real or affected) of the Russians.
    They tell us continuously, through very calm-sounding “interviews” with “experts,” that the Russians are all around us, sowing discord and chaos and...disinformation (in other words, exposing the lies of the western state/corporate-controlled media). It seems that virtually every time the dial falls on NPR, they are warning us that these Russians speak and write fluent, and even eloquent English! They are all over social media! Don't listen to them, comrades—plug your ears—hide your eyes. Listen only to NPR, or MSNBC, or ABC, or, if you must, the mostly neoconservative Fox may be okay.
    I remember well the days of the Soviet Bloc. NPR never seemed to mind Russian propaganda when the Russian government was controlled by the Soviets, their ideological brethren. When I was a young man in those days, I never could have imagined that Russia would be seen as the world’s defender of Christian values and liberty, while the western governments would be defending an increasing totalitarianism and global dominance of a godless worldview.
    It is interesting to me that you will never find an American who is an immigrant from eastern Europe who supports the growing radical left in this country. NPR, and the rest of the Left, would do well to realize that the Russians have learned the truth of the slogan “Luchshe mertvykh chem kracnye” (loosely transliterated).
    Thanks for reading,
Dan Jacobson
St James (not Russia)

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