Children are a gift

    January 19, 2019 is the 46th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision to make abortion legal in the United States of America.

    During those 46 years, over 60 million pre-born babies have been aborted. That number is similar to the population of the states of California and Texas combined. How tragic.
    But this does not have to happen. There are women with unplanned pregnancies who have chosen to allow their pre-born babies to live, either raising their babies themselves or giving them up for adoption.
    I want to give thanks to a special mother who many years ago chose life for her baby. Your precious child was adopted by a loving couple, raised in a Christian home, and is not married and has children. That makes you a grandmother. Your child is a wonderful upstanding member of society.
    This world is a better place because of the gift of your child. Thank you for choosing life.
J.M. Stock
High Hill, Mo.

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