St. John’s United Church of Christ - Bem celebrating 150th anniversary this year

    St. John’s United Church of Christ - Bem is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. The official anniversary date is May 27, 2019.
    The congregation will be celebrating by sharing the events and history of the church on certain Sundays of each month. They will share traditions of the old church, history of the organizations, Sunday and Bible schools, missions, picnic and a Confirmand’s reunion.

    On April 7 members of the Glaser, Nowack, Thiedke, Scheel and Schlottach families will take part in a cemetery walk, telling the history of their families, some of the original constitution signers, with the church.
    On May 5 members will have Homecoming basket dinner after church.
    An old fashion picnic will be held on June 9.
    A second cemetery walk will take place July 14 with members of the Loeb, Landwehr, Brandenburger and Kottwitz families, the remainder of the original constitution signers.
    A backyard ballgame will be played on August 11. Other churches are invited to get a team together. This is not a serious game and all ages are welcome.
    September 8 will be Confirmation Sunday with a history of confirmation presented and previous confirmation classes invited to attend.
    A traditional mission fest meal will be held October 13 after church and the history of the mission fest and missions of the church will be presented.  
    The final event of the year will be Christmas with a live tree and traditional decorations with the Sunday School program on December 22 during church.
    Worship services at St. John’s United Church of Christ - Bem begin at 10 a.m. with Sunday School during church after the children’s time. Past members and friends are invited to share in the celebration by attending some of the activities.
    For more information contact the church office at 573-437-3698 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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