No more taxes!

    I thoroughly agree with Mr. Wheeler regarding the proposed Crawford County tax for law enforcement. Why should or why would county residents out of city limits support such a tax, which would give 40 percent to municipalities? We don’t get to vote on candidates for city police officers; they aren’t out patroling our area or answering our 911 calls when we need help.

    My memory may be wrong, but it seems I recall the need to retain county employees and sheriff’s department personnel was one of the reasons given for the need for the 1/2 cent county tax. What happened there? Is too much being spent to replace a gazebo or too many raises being given to only a few? Now we’re being asked to support another tax.
    Like Mr. Wheeler said, county residents would be more willing to support a 1/4 cent tax to support the sheriff’s department if it was going only to the sheriff’s department. We have to pay the municipal taxes for any purchases we make within the city, but we have no vote. “Taxation without representation”? Where have we heard that before?
Juanita Skyles

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