Seek forgiveness

    In his letter last week Stan Schell gives a scenario that, if true, would  be reason for complaint. However, I noticed that he does not mention the actual crime for which  he was incarcerated. While it is not necessary, was it because he figured that if he did, no one would feel sorry for him? Maybe not, but just wondering.

    I also notice that he does not express any remorse for what he did. Maybe it was an oversight, but if he is not remorseful, that may be one of the reasons they figured he might re-offend.
    Schell says he served his time. While this may be legally true, the victim of his crime may have an emotional (or even  physical) wound they have to deal with for life. And his prison time will not help them. Depending upon the severity of the crime, genital removal—or even death—might be an appropriate punishment, plus jail time. Perhaps if this were made law and made known, some sex crimes might lessen.
    Schell talks about court proceedings in civil commitment trials being unfair and, "When elderly men, who no longer meet the legal level of dangerousness required for civil commitment, virtually lose every trial..." Perhaps he is right and it should be looked into, but these matters call for a judgment, and his might not be right.
    But what does "legal level of dangerousness" mean? While elderly men may lose their ability to perform sexually, they can still do other sexual things that are crimes.
    I don't understand why Schell does not have an attorney. If he doesn't have the money, won’t a Public Defender help him? He needs someone. The old adage still applies, namely, "Whoever represents himself has a fool for a client."
    One last thing: Mr. Schell does not mention God. So I would encourage him to turn himself over to the God of the Bible Who punished His own Son, Jesus Christ, for all of our sins—no matter how bad—"so that whosoever believes in Him may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16).
    While God may not get him out of jail (although He might), Schell will have the forgiveness of all his sins, God's help while he's wherever, and have the freedom of knowing that he will go to Heaven when he dies instead of to Hell where we all deserve to go.
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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