Answer is God

    This poem is in  reply to Mr. Drone's last week.
A nice poem, Mister Drone
And is even quite cheery

But the problem is alone
It's on non-science theory
From tree-climbing chimpanzees
We not ever surely come
The laws of nature, you see
All they go from smart to dumb
That is, everything round your
Is all going way downhill
And one of these days for sure
The sun will never shine still
While we humans have many
Technological wonders
Our sinfulness makes many
To decide dreadful blunders
The one answer is our God
Whose pleasure is grace to serve
Who laid on His only Son
The punishment we deserve
So as soon as you can, bloke
Accept Him as your Savior
So that whenever you croak
You'll be with Him forever
Pastor Norman Heironimus

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