Please vote yes on Proposition S next week

    A professional engineering study was conducted on the old (Steelville) Middle School condition and it was determined that the cost would be around $5.7 million to rehabilitate the facility. Integrity Engineering conducted this assessment and it was their professional opinion that rehabilitation is not an economically feasible option.

    I am also a professional engineer that supports this conclusion. We need to move forward as a community and do what is necessary to provide a safer and positive environment for our children. The first step in this direction is to Vote "YES" on Proposition S. This is a zero tax increase proposition to the community and will allow the district to do the following:
    • Build a new building that will have two classrooms and a gym for our K-5th grade kids.
    • Designate one drop-off location with safer traffic flow through the site.
    • Improve the overall exterior appearance of the existing elementary, remodel the lunch room, and improve the landscaping on campus.  
    All these attributes will contribute to a more appealing school district to the public, which should result in more students attending Steelville in the future. In order to do the above, we must move forward with removing the old middle school. Please Vote Yes to change for our kid’s future!
    Below List is an outline of the timeline of improvements:
Phase 1 (Bidding in spring 2019)
    1. Demolish the old middle school including the existing library, regrade and fill this area as needed to make level grade. This project will include rerouting utilities that feed through this building into the elementary school.
    2.Build a new elementary gymnasium, that will be connected to the elementary and to the middle school and include covered canopy and sidewalks for bus Loading/Unloading.
    3. Relocate the elementary library.
Phase 2  (Bidding spring 2020)
    1. Construct drop off/pickup area on the front of campus add plantings, signage, curbing, walks, parking. This will include additional site demolition.
    2. Construct elementary office and title rooms in former multipurpose room. This will also serve as new access point for elementary school. We could also add an elementary music room in this area.
    3. Reconstruct the main sewer line in the middle of campus to alleviate maintenance issues.
    4. Install humidity upgrades and a parking area for the middle school.
    5. Install a new bus access road along with access walks for bus pick up by the new elementary gymnasium
    6. Storm water and elementary site renovations to alleviate storm drainage issues.
Chris Turnbough, P.E.

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