No to campus carry

    I remember…Uncle Frank and his .22 and terrier Mitzi with a mess of squirrels that they had hunted. My brothers’ excitement about deer season. I remember a deer hanging in the back yard in town prior to going to the processers. Wild game in a roaster with a special gravy fed a group of friends “back in the day.” My husband attended wild game dinners. There are still pistols and rifles passed down from generation to generation in my family.

    I am a Democrat. I know other Democrats with similar backgrounds to mine. We do not want to take guns away from Missourians. To many of us, guns, then and now, are part of our Missouri culture.
    House Bill 575 passed in the Missouri House 98-52. It allows concealed carry weapons on college campuses and is moving on to the Missouri Senate for debate. Please read the article in the STL post on the pros and cons and for more details.
    To me, it seems to make it legal for a “shooter” to bring guns to a campus that can be used to kill students, faculty, visitors, and staff. I think it is ironic that a bill that is supposed to provide defense could do the opposite.
    Students are often under pressure. Students, or staff, with mental health issues or who are not skilled with firearms, would have easy access to guns. Alcohol could play a part in a tragedy. Police and security could become confused about who the “bad guy” with the gun is.
    Having a gun(s) readily available removes the “pause” between words and action. That might be good for trained officers, but I don’t know if this is a good thing for everyone on a college campus.
    There are always two sides to an issue. Read the article in the STL Post, make up your mind, and contact your legislator.
Jane S. Reed

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