Addiction Rally takes place in Cuba on May 18

    Are you aware of the growing addiction epidemic in our communities? Are you ready and willing to educate yourself and take a stand in the battle against addiction?
    There will be a rally on May 18 at 2 p.m. at Hood Park, Cuba, Missouri. There is no cost to attend.

    Rally together as you wage war on the epidemic of addition in the communities. Addiction is not an individual affliction, it is familial, communal, state wide, nation wide and yes, world wide epidemic. You have an obligation to your family, your youth, your community,  and your society to take action. Breaking Every Chain believes that the power of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ is the one true way to set any captive free, including those being held captive to their addiction. This rally is to be the voice, to bridge the gap between addict and community, between community and resources and to educate, empower, motivate and compel others to take action. The stigmas of addiction are destructive to the well being of a suffering addict and to the community plagued by addiction.
    Come to the rally for information, education, worship, live music, prayer, food, fellowship and much more, all in the name of Jesus and the attitude of fighting addiction.
    If you are interested in setting up an informative booth for your organization or would  like more information contact Ashley Light at 573-466-1316.  

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